DB Cardio Tabata : 16 total minutes

  • TABATA: DB Man-makers= DB burpee sprawl, row, pushup, row, thruster
    • Plank 
  • TABATA: DB Thrusters
    • Plank shoulder taps
  • TABATA: DB ½ burpee (land with feet together), jack feet, jump feet in and come up to high jump
    • Body weight squats
  • TABATA: Russian KB Swings
    • Split stance switches

Cardio :30/:10 x 3 times through = 8 total minutes

  • Gorilla Burpees (lunge hop left, lunge hop right, squat jump, burpee) (Scale- forward lunge l, forward lunge r, air squat, burpee sprawl)
  • Burpee Sprawl with frog kick to stand & Jump (scale = sprawl one knee to elbow at a time)
  • Travelling squat pulses (2 pulse out jump forward/2 pulse in jump back)
  • Alternating Lizard Pose Jumps

Shredded Abs :30/:10 x 3 rounds

  • Forearm grasshoppers
  • Knee Tuck Bicycle (R)
  • Knee Tuck Bicycle (L)
  • Bicycle V-Ups (opposite hand to opposite outside ankle- upper and lower body raise)
  • Russian V-Up with Twist (https://youtu.be/e1mU6VEC4QQ )
  • DB Leg Raises
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