Happy Friday 🙂  Your challenge this week is from last Friday 5/15 (<

Your workout: (scroll down for some explanations)

15 minute AMRAP

Ascending Ladder

  • 2 shoulder to overhead (any weighted objects, start at your shoulder and press overhead)
  • 2 Goblet squats (hold any weighted objects)
  • 2 burpees – jump over any object after each burpee

Increase each exercise by 2 reps each time you go through


For today’s workout, go through the list as many times as you can within a 15 minute time frame. Each time you go through the list, add 2 reps to each exercise.

The ‘shoulder to overhead’ movement is just pressing any weighted object (or objects) such as a kettle bell, dumbbells or anything with weight from your shoulder to over your head. A basic press. 

Goblet squats- hold your weighted object in front of your chest. If you were using dumbbells, use or or grasp both together and hold in front of your chest. 

For your burpees, put your weights on the ground perform your burpee and jump over your weighted object to complete one rep. 

Have fun 🙂


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Christana Kmecz · May 22, 2020 at 12:13 pm

15 (no knees)
:/ for today

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