Warm Up:

  • 10 Groiners (warm up hip flexors)
  • 20 Second forearm plank (warm up core)
  • 10 bridge (on back) knee raises (warm up hips)
  • 5 inchworms (upper body/core)

Kettlebell swing overview:

  • Feet at shoulder width or slightly wider
  • Bend knees slightly (do not squat), keep shoulders back, chest up. Hinge at hips to pass kettlebell back and between the legs, passing your heels. 
  • Use glutes and hamstrings to thrust hips forward to initiate movement of kettlebell
  • Finish by pull kettlebell up over your head with two hands
  • Feet should stay flat on ground


10 Min AMRAP

  • 10 American KB swings (53/35)
  • 10 Pushups
  • 10 Ball slams
  • 10 Hollow rocks

EMOM – 2x through

*Match or beat your numbers from round 1*

  • Min 1: Max air squats
  • Min 2: Max Russian Swings (go heavier than  your American swings)
  • Min 3: Double under (or single jump ropes)
  • Min 4: Right arm KB thrusters
  • Min 5: Left arm kb thrusters


Alternate rounds of Med ball setups and Med ball V-ups.

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