The Sport of Fitness

Cross Training is the fun, challenging and incredibly diverse sport of fitness. The energy is high, the determination among your fellow athletes is contagious and results happen FAST!

Cross Training is the heart of our fitness program at our Monmouth County gym. Once you start seeing the results of your hard work (and you will, very quickly), it becomes like an addiction.  You will learn so much about fitness, strength and endurance in these workouts.  More importantly, you will learn so much about yourself.    

Starting at a point appropriate to your individual fitness level, we will teach you and guide you through the various skills, lifts and exercises that comprise these workouts.  You will learn proficiencies with barbells, kettle bells, cardio equipment (rowing machines, jump ropes, fan bikes, etc), body weight movements, medicine balls and so much more. Everything is tailored to the individual and yes we can work around injuries.   We have a saying at our gym, “You already have wings…we just teach you how to fly.”

Combine these great workouts with our Nutrition & Weight Loss programs to reach your optimal state of health and wellness.

Want to get stronger, improve your technique and master the barbell? LIFT offers short (15 minute) strength and proficiency practice before our Cross Training workouts.  In these short sessions we focus on proper form and technique for many of the barbell lifts we do in our workouts.  By perfecting our form and technique, we have the ability to increase our strength safely.

LIFT will put into focus just how strong you really are, with measurable results that can be improved over time.

Arrive to the gym 15 minutes before class to participate in the LIFT for that day.  The LIFT calendar is emailed to all members at the start of each week.

Research has proven that High Intensity Interval Training is one of the most effective ways to burn fat, lose weight and sculpt lean muscle.  Our Monmouth County gym offers three different HIIT workout programs.  Our HIIT programs include Circuit, Kettle Bell and HEAT.


A 30-40 minute workout that takes you through different circuits of timed interval exercises.  You’ll push your way through various strength, cardio and body weight movements designed to get your heart pumping.  Short rest times in between exercises followed by longer, more intense work are the heart of HIIT workouts.  Our circuit workouts are always different from the equipment used to the exercises we do.  The only thing that stays the same is the level of difficulty! Don’t worry if you’re  new, we will guide you through light, shorter workouts to start and help you gradually build your way up to full workouts.  All fitness levels are always welcome at Shore Cross Training gym in Monmouth County. 

Kettle Bell

Our kettle bell strength and conditioning class takes you through three mini kettle bell workouts, all different, all testing your strength and endurance to master the kettle bell.  From swings to snatch, cleans to presses, you’ll learn a variety of new exercises that challenge your cardio endurance and help you get stronger every day.

Kettle bell workouts are designed for any fitness level, as our coaches guide you and teach you new exercises as well as modifications to accommodate your individual fitness needs.


A custom designed cardio workout by our trainer, Bonnie.  Be prepared for lots of reps with light weight dumbbells, plenty of cardio, maybe a little kick-boxing…you never know what Bonnie will bring to a workout. The music is fun; Bonnie’s energy is high.  Come ready to sweat and let Bonnie take care of the rest!

Simply counting calories or points is not enough for total health.  I really feel that our Nutrition programs put our gym on a different level than others.  It’s not all about chicken and broccoli to lose weight or get stronger.  There are so many nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants, energy boosters, depression fighters and more in foods and supplements that to just count calories or focus on macros only would be missing a huge aspect of eating right!  We work with all diet preferences including Paleo, Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Pescatarian and more.

You can’t achieve new goals, grow stronger mentally and physically or lose weight with a poor nutrition plan. I hate to call it a ‘diet’ because that word has such a negative connotation in our country. I really prefer to focus on healthy living, whole foods and holistic aspects of food and of course…treats.

If you ate all your points in sugar for the day you may lose weight but your body would become a toxic wasteland.  We must take into account the status of our health, any conditions we suffer from or any medical conditions that have been found in our families.  All of this and more can be accomplished with holistic nutrition.  We don’t just focus on the scale, we focus on you as a whole.

We are conveniently located in Monmouth County off of Sunset Ave in Ocean.  

We are close to Route 18, the Parkway, Highway 66, Highway 33 and Highway 35.